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    Tracking the Nixon White House Tapes


Forty years ago today, July 29, 1974, the Supreme Court ordered Richard M. Nixon to hand over tapes he recorded of his conversations in the Oval Office. These tapes would be critical to the case implicating him in the break-in at the Watergate complex headquarters of the Democratic National Committee.

On the fifth anniversary of the Watergate break-in, Nina Totenberg, NPR Legal Affairs correspondent, and All Things Considered host, Linda Wertheimer, wondered, “what happened to the Watergate tapes?” Listen to their discussion of concerns about releasing the tapes, which included commercialization and using the tapes in comedy routines.

Then read this great article from the National Archives that explains the process for reviewing the Nixon tapes in anticipation of making them available to the public. The tapes are held at the National Archives in College Park, MD, but the Nixon Library has audio online you can listen to, as well. 

nixon tv address

President Nixon delivers an Address to the Nation from the Oval Office responding to subpoenas for the White House Tapes with edited transcripts. Photo via Nixon Presidential Library & Museum

(Found by Kimberly Springer, library intern. Original airdate: 3 September 1976.)


Where The Birds Are Is Not Where You’d Think

"Everything I have learned as a conservation biologist tells me cities are bad for biodiversity," writes John Marzluff, of the University of Washington.

We all know this. Anyone who goes to downtown Chicago, Toronto, Seattle, L.A., Boston or New York will see the same five birds over and over: sparrows, starlings, mallards (ducks), geese, and, of course, street pigeons. Same goes for downtowns in Europe, Asia and South America. These five bird types are always there, always the same, never surprising. Rather than yawn, scientists have a category for this: “biotically homogenous.” We’ve made cities. They’ve moved in.

But now comes a surprise. Actually, several surprises.”

Learn more from Robert Krulwich at NPR.

Just going to put this out there

Not all men are jerks. Not all men are beer swillin, burping , fat , bigoted,abusive,and misogynistic. Some? Yes. A lot? Oh yeah. Even my hubby says that when he was younger, he was a jerk. But please don’t lump them together. That makes me sad. It makes me sad that you can’t see that sort of sweeping statement is just as bad as any other sweeping statement about a group of people.

Maybe my “traditional” lifestyle disqualifies me from making this statement. As a married to the father of my children cis-female with two kids  I’m probably going to be labeled as “part of the system” or some such nonsense. Maybe. But I also have been the drum major of my marching band. Employed in a male dominated job( television engineering). Marched in Santa Clara Vanguard when out of 60 horn players, there were 7 females.(1986,1988).

Sorry your experience sucked.

Not insulted, just amused

After my husband relocated to the Denver area and we stayed here, I lost about 30 pounds. Mostly by not having soda in the house and drinking lots of water. I’ve kept that off for MORE THAN TWO YEARS. I barely got any notice from the extended part of my family. Maybe because I didn’t make a big deal out of it..”I’m on a diet” “I am going to Weight Watchers” “I’m gluten free because it makes you fat” ( No, that’s not how it works you ignorant cow!)  I recently noticed I’ve dropped another 5 pounds…Five.  Suddenly, people notice. 

Other: Oh have you lost weight?

Me: Yes, about 30 pounds…two years ago.

Other: You were like this when I saw you last?

Me: Yes…( and the time before that)

Other: No!

Me: Yes!

Just so you know, I do still drink soda, it’s just I save it for IN-n-OUT burgers.  I park at the place farthest from. I take the stairs for less than three flights.  I eat more vegies.  Am I svelt? No…that’s my daughter’s job. Do I feel tons better and feel more like walking around? Yep.


London Leather

What is it? A psychological novel  about BDSM – i.e. in a bookshop it would be under ‘Fiction A-Z’ rather than in the erotica section. There is kinky sex, but the story is mostly about the daily life of people on the London BDSM scene.

Why’s that important? A lot of people are curious about BDSM. There’s nothing wrong with having fantasies, but novels (and now films) like 50 Shades of Grey present actual BDSM practice in a way that in real life would be flagrantly abusive – and people are learning about BDSM from 50 Shades. That’s dangerous, and worsens the existing stigma against kinky people. The voices of actual BDSM practitioners should be heard on the subject.

Who wrote it? London kink scene veteran Penny Armstrong, who is a professional book editor and writer-for-hire under another name. She also writes fanfic as pennypaperbrain.

Fine, but all I care about in a novel is whether it’s any good. There are both positive and negative reviews of London Leather on and – check them out to help you decide if you want to read it.

Find out a bit more about the book and read an extract here.


Feel free to copy and post this elsewhere if you’d like. Thanks for reading, and keep spreading the message that there’s more to kink than 50 Shades.




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