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How to move with a cat


This is Slippers. Not normally quite this comfortable on me, but I had been gone for a few weeks…preparing for a move.

How do you move with a cat? More to the point, what do you do when you get to your final destination? 

Now relatives…who are sure they are always right…alarmed my daughter by insisting that my cat would try to run away from me to return to her own territory.  Here is my concern with listening to them:

1) They have never moved. In fact they have lived in the same house for over 25 years.

2) They have never moved with a cat. Sure they have a cat. So do I. But this is my first and only cat. Does not make me an expert.

I think I have the actual moving of the cat figured out. She will go into what is  a big kennel meant for a dog and with will be strapped down into a space normally for one of the chairs in my van. It should give her room and she won’t be shoved in the back so she can be somewhat social. She will also have her normal carrier inside there so she can feel safe. 

My concern is what happens when I arrive in Colorado from California. She has always been an indoor/outdoor cat. Yes, even in the Santa Cruz Mountains. She is going to want to go out. When do I let her? 






Quick reminder that these are all real movies.

Are you kidding

It gets funnier with every title

Movie night anyone??

what’s disturbing to me is how many of these covers feature sexualised images of women about to be attacked or undergoing violence…

As was the original “Jaws” movie poster. That is the context in which these were created. It’s the genre. ..Maybe I’m too old to be fazed by this …( please no anon hate…at least be up front about it)

John's missing Wednesday (7025 words) by PlainJane [AO3]



Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sherlock (TV)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, John Watson/Mary Morstan (Implied)
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson
Additional Tags: Anal Sex, Rimming, Oral Sex, Military Kink, Dubious Consent, Light Dom/sub, Bondage and Discipline

"Now John I’d poison. Sloppy eater – dead easy. I’ve given him chemicals and compounds that way; he’s never even noticed. He missed a whole Wednesday once, didn’t have a clue."

What really happened when Sherlock slipped his best friend a little something…

The gift of smut is the gift that keeps on giving!! Thank you so much for the birthday teaser and this was well worth waiting a few!!

It’s delicious, a smoking hot story, with a eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee making last line, like WHOA!!




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