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Lazy panoramic of the 2013 Los Gatos High School graduation from my spot on the side…daughter was busy playing Pomp & Circumstance about a zillion times…for the last time. Figured out where the best seats are for next year.Huzzah!

Somebody also had a plane fly over with a message for their son and the rest of the school. Seriously. 

In the back of the photo is a street. It’s closed for graduation. This is the front lawn of the school. Here is a photo of what the school looks like from the street.


As a personal fan of Dr. Who, this is the most amazing thing ever. Go LG sophomores, you know what’s up.


Man I don’t even. Some sophomore at school got her dad to hire someone to make decorations in their part of the hall and man they made a tardis! So awesome but sob we so lost that for sure. It’s built around the water fountains so you can open it up and get a drink inside.

Woz’s old house back on the market



While the rest of the country may know him only for is stint on Dancing with the Stars, Steve Wozniak will always be a nerd celebrity in these parts. So much that even the house that he no longer owns becomes news when it hits the market. Yes, that’s right, the Woz’s old Los Gatos digs are for sale once again. Check out all the pics on Business Insider.

Sartorial choices of the young men haunting Los Gatos

Often, I am called upon to go into downtown Los Gatos on a weekend night. Mostly to go to the store or a meeting,or pick up my teenager from a friends house. I see lovely young couples holding hands during their night out on the town. Los Gatos is good for that. The shops may be closed but the window displays are well lit and fun to look at. The town is filled with quality restaurants and not a small share of bars. Given the age of these people, I can assume that these are not actual residents of Los Gatos….unless they won the lottery or they are great heirs…or perhaps they work at Google…who knows. That being said I see the same sartorial choices by either sex…given that they are a heterosexual couple. The ladies are dressed up. Nice dress, often short. Hair done, make up…they have put effort into their looks. The guys…trainers, jeans and maybe if we are lucky, a button down shirt. Really guys? That’s the best you can do?   I know, you are going to tell me you paid $150 bucks for that pair of jeans. Guess what? They are still fucking denim. They are made in the same process as the $15 jeans my hubby buys at Costco. You still look like you put in ZERO FUCKING EFFORT into your looks.  Seriously, would it pain you to put on some dress trousers? Good god, even chinos would be better. Don’t be so fucking lazy you sorry sacks.

Ladies, if this man is someone you have some sway with, make him were some fucking trousers. I’m not saying if it’s early days. I’m saying if it’s been months…or especially if you are living together. I can hear you now. You are saying ‘Oh I can’t do that”…Yes, yes you can. I’ve been married for 17 years…you can make a man do something. You pick out the trousers, hand them over and say “wear these” That’s it.  





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