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This is where I’m glad I’m a bit out of the loop

No, don’t tell me, I actually don’t want to know what Caitlin Moran did. I understand she crossed the streams in a truly outrageous way. I don’t know the details. Don’t want to know.

And here’s the thing, my life is so out of whack right now that I have enough time to scan my dash, but not enough to follow through. I’m thinking this has been a benefit to me. I’m not as invested as I used to be. Am I excited that Sherlock has come back? Yes, of course. But honestly, I don’t have time ( you do, apparently) to get outraged about some perception about you as a writer/fan/woman. 

I understand that this is a big thing for you. But I can’t honestly get that angry about anything anymore. I don’t have the time,health or mental capacity.



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I am doing this. Ticket is purchased.

People, I just dropped two people off of FB because of their extreme right-wing views. I come to Tumblr to avoid all that extreme RL stuff. Now my fandom…my only current fandom, is going all extreme with their feels and disappointment or whatever about what is or isn’t happening with S3. Please don’t make me drop you. I won’t know how to find you again. Can’t we all just get along?


I ask of you two things, two wee things please:

 * Read this.

 * Giggle and be aroused in equal measure.

 * Tell the writer what you think please pretty please please.

Yes, all right, that’s three things, but after reading these fine 1,200 words I can’t quite breathe much less count…


Fic:  The Sundress

‘Uh - Sherlock? What’s that?

‘It’s a sundress, John.’

‘… Right.’

Read more: FF | AO3

This bizarre little fic is the result of giggling and delicious mental images caused by my typo yesterday, shown above. Apparently it’s possible to go from writing angsty, straight-faced canon to full-on crazy Sherlock porn by mistyping ‘state of undress’. Who knew. 

Okay then…I have a couple of ideas…

I’ve been sitting on a couple of ideas for stories…for a while.  And before I start let me just put it out there that some things are just plot devices, not kinks or fetishes. Okay? We clear? Good.

Plot bunny the first: Sherlock has to go undercover as a performer ala “Victor Victoria”  This would be as a favor to another performer who hid him  Post-Fall and taught him the ins and outs of this kind of performance. This came to me while listening to many versions of “Whatever Lola Wants”

Plot bunny the second: What if Sherlock took the “It’s only transport” to the extreme and had a partial sex change to hide ( I keep doing the desperation thing) So you know, he’s got boobs but kept the penis. 




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