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Dear Zagat: To the best of our knowledge, and assuming “the machines” have not yet taken over, we’re pretty sure this is the year 2012. We make this point because your current prices for Manresa ($66, $80 and $110) appear to be from 2005 or thereabouts

David Kinch’s two Michelin-starred restaurant now charges $125 and $175 for a series of tastings. So since this menu is apparently from about six or seven years ago, we’re not surprised that you, Zagat, incorrectly list “foie gras” as a menu item, which has only been illegal in California for about a month.

As always, incorrect menu prices (and Skynet becoming self-aware) are most definitely a BAD DEAL. 

This is part of an email I got today from the High School

The California High School Exit Exam will take place next week on Tuesday, February 7th and Wednesday, February 8th.  This test administration is for all 10th grade students.

This is an important test for all of our students because it is a requirement for graduation from public high schools in the state of California.  The test will gauge student achievement in two subject areas: English Language Arts and Mathematics.

So my thought is this. If my daughter passes this ( and she will, I have no doubt) and finishes all her classes this year with flying colors ( she will) why can’t she just graduate now? If all they require is the knowledge of a 10th grader to graduate then what’s the point of the next 2 years?  Sure she’ll want those next two years of Japanese. She likes band. But really trig/pre-calc? I took that and I’m wondering when I used it since high school.  More freaking US History..( this would be the third time in her schooling if you count 5th and 7th grades)   Sometimes I think the kids are wasting their time relearning stuff. 




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