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Scandinavian Sherlockians: The Origins of the Fandom Part 2


Some time ago I posted ‘The Origins to the Fandom’ It was list of the origins of fandom’s little shenanigans such as ‘The Jam’ ‘Anderson and the dinosaur ’ and ‘The cat jumper’ . I wasn’t expecting it to become any popular. But I was wrong and soon it will reach 1000 notes….

I’m no ACD expert and I don’t play one while watching TV



The Sherlock fandom has been very good about pointing out items that are ACD canon and their modern equivalents.  I am surprised no one pointed out ( or I’ve completely missed it) that in the midst of the clutter of 221B during Study in Pink the seltzer bottle in the background. Sitting there alone on the shelf. It has it’s own ancestor in the Gasogene mentioned in “A Scandal in Bohemia”

So perhaps we’ll see more of it’s use in this upcoming season considering the source material.

(Source: Wikipedia)




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