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Fic: Pull the Stars from the Sky (5/10), Sherlock AU


Summary: It’s the fall of 2000, and to help him out after his military career has ended due to injury, John Watson’s sister Harriet gets him a job as US tour manager for rising star of the industrial scene and enfant terrible, Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock’s not long out of rehab and there are plenty of doubts as to whether he’s serious about recovery. Plus, the music industry is shaking in its boots over the Napster mess. All John has to do is keep the money coming in and make sure his star doesn’t screw things up. After the army, that should be easy, right?

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 7,800-ish (this chapter), 32,300 total

Notes: The plan is to try and get a chapter up every two weeks or so. This is a WIP, but it is a fully planned-out WIP.

Read from the beginning.

(Source: roane72)

The answer is always both.: Leave Me Your Wake


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